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  • Easy, fast assembly
    No gluing, no welding, assembly without special tools: instant connection assembly.
  • Modularity
    This installation is easily expandable without dismantling by connecting the tube lengths with "T" or double straights. Additional tappings can be created using a reduction flange that avoids cutting the tube.
  • Reliability and safety
    - tubes are made of extruded aluminum, ensuring resistance to water and condensation. (Electrostatic paint coating to UNI 9983 standard).
    - joints ensure watertightness and excellent pull-out resistance.
    - components made of brass, steel and aluminum elements offer good fire resistance. (Paint powder thickness is less than 90 micron = non-flammable material).
    - electrical continuity assured (aluminum resistance at 20°C: 3.5μΩ).
  • Operating pressure: -0.99 ÷ 14 bar
  • -20° ÷ 80°C
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