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Kit Composition:

  1. 3-Way Pneumatic Switch G1/4": The 3-way pneumatic switch in G1/4" format is the core of the control system. Featuring three ports, this switch allows for selective redirection of air flow to activate or deactivate the blocking valve as per the application requirements. Its robust design ensures reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments.

  2. Instantaneous Outlet in D6 Tube: The instantaneous outlet in D6 tube provides quick and secure connection to the pneumatic system. This outlet is specifically designed to accommodate the D4x6 polyurethane tube, ensuring optimal sealing and efficient transmission of compressed air to the pneumatic switch and ultimately to the blocking valve.

  3. Various Junction Fittings: The kit also comes with a selection of junction fittings allowing for easy and flexible connection between the different components of the system. These fittings ensure seamless and secure integration, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring optimal performance of the entire system.

  4. 10m of Blue Polyurethane Tube D4x6: The blue polyurethane tube D4x6 serves as the main channel for transmitting compressed air through the system. With a generous length of 10 meters, this tube offers great installation flexibility and allows covering significant distances while maintaining stable and constant air pressure.

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